What Are You Eating ?

We have a famous quote that says “ you are what you eat” meaning if you eat trash then your health is going to be trash. This saying goes all the way back to the garden of Eden where our ancestors Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit which shifted their perspective and forbade them from staying in the garden of life.

What we eat is important , but what we eat spiritually is even more important. The music, movies, books, radio programs, and people we allow into our thinking will affect whether we have a productive or destructive lifestyle.

Jesus told us to eat of his flesh, drink of his blood( Joh 5:56) now this sounds like some crazy cannibal vampire stuff, but what he was saying is eat of his wisdom and life. Let the fruit of his life be what opens your eyes, and energizes you to walk in faith.

The reason I started microphonejones.com is to be a voice for the better life choice and help people connect with Gos through this music. This music turns off the lies in pop culture and turns up the truth of God’s written word. This music helps people know they identity in Christ and turns them from destruction.

So what are you eating? Are you feeding on things that keep you mentally and physically well? If not…why not? What we eat affects our life and the more positive things, and people we surround ourselves with, the better off we will be. Eat well my friends.

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