Everything Must Go : Showing the Bad Times with Francis De La Torres

untitledWhile watching ” Everything Must Go” A film by Francis De La Torre (whom I’m about to stalk from now on) I was reminded of the timeless truth that we need grace, we need mercy , we need new starts, we need Christ.

We’re taught by culture to hide our faults but the truth comes out sooner or later “Whatever is in the dark , will come to the light”(Luke 8:17). And it’s a burden, a huge burden to hide lies.

I love the way Torres depicts the negative side of the film (9:30). the highs in the audio drop off and music goes to a minor key. For me it’s always hard to record negative events , because it might reflect badly on the organization and they don’t want you to record it – but I’m glad it was left in this film, because it gives the film authenticity.

During the argument we never see the tour manager possibly because he didn’t want to be on camera … whatever the reason, this was a creative way to depict an argument. The text and audio carries us through the argument and a collage of sad emotions are shown by Andy and the tour members.

Reflecting on the bible I see there weren’t always “nice” times. There was rape, there was incest, there was lying, cheating, adultery , murder and of course the crucifixion. But through all that there was redemption, there was repentance, there was a resurrection.

I love Romans 1:16 because it reflects on the power of God , not of men. No matter how bad things get , there’s always redemption when we place our faith in Christ resurrection. God can take our mess, and turn it into a message of hope, because we overcome “by the blood, of the lamb , and the word of our testimony”


Call me crazy… but what if we actually lived as though we were free?

Reading “Breaking Free” by Poh Fang Chia of Our daily bread I was challenged to live as though I’m actually free from my past. Dale Carnegie writes in his book ” How to stop worrying  , and how to start living ” about having an iron clad door on the past. In order for us to enjoy the present we must stop weeping over past mistakes. Now as a Christian , I must remember that Jesus took away my sins, and there is no longer any condemnation even though religious folks and the devil ( man there so similar) try to condemn us.  Live your life. Realize the freedom you have , and use it.


A Sad Defeat

So it’s official. I did not win the DQ contest by “fan vote”. The public voting phase wasn’t transparent at all. DQ hid votes from public view, and did not regulate how many times people could vote. Even though I could vote more than once a day, I didn’t take advantage of this because I have a conscience, and believed DQ would have some system to stop people from breaking the rules, but that has not been confirmed.

The main contact for this contest first told me she couldn’t disclose any information on the votes, which spiked my suspicion, but she assured me that the contest was close. She said that I was “Approximately 500″ votes away from 2nd place, and that the 1st place winner had significantly more votes than the other two entries.

The Struggle is Real Part 2

People have the nerve to think since I have been in great places, that my current situation is easy. Or that ” I win ” all the time. It makes me angry that people think I’m some kinda of superstar or super whatevah, the truth of the matter is that I’m none of that. I have many more losses than wins, and the wins I have gotten weren’t easy. Everything that has been successful for me has been done over late nights, and… I’m struggling just to get by. Even now, I don’t have some fancy job, I make less than $11.00 an hour, and that doesn’t even include tax I must pay on it. I don’t even know what my next step is, since no one is really hiring. I tell you the truth, I thought at 27 I’d have enough to live on. But as of now, I’m just living on favors, and I have a buddy doing the same – it sucks. The struggle of an artist is real, but you have no time to complain, you just got to go.

But somehow, I believe the dream. I believe that I can somehow make it. It’s crazy…

The Struggle is Real

The struggle is real when you realize you don’t have the necessary skills to pay the bills. When you pour everything out, and it’s still not enough. When your eyes burn from working all night , but aren’t sufficiently rewarded. Then you know the struggle is reel. I’m not looking for extreme wealth, but enough to take care myself. My eyes look to God, cause without him, I’m hopeless.

I need change…

Remember Who You Are



The Lion King came out 20 years  ago (1994)…Woah has it really been that long? I remember being 7  and my parents taking me to see it in theater. Then I got the VHS, and watched it over, and over. And now in my late 20′s (feels weird saying that) I’m writing a song, about the timeless truth of identity, and remembering ” Who ” we are.

For me, it’s about who I am in Christ. The similarities of Mufasa being that God-figure, and telling Simba that he lives inside him, is a direct reflection of how it is with us. God placed his image on us, and lives inside us. It’s because of him we live move and have our being as scriptures say.

The message in the Lion King is about living up to the calling,and not settling for less. It’s about facing  our “SCAR” and living to our fullest potential.  Those scars are our failures, our hurts, and  those things that ran us away in fear. Scars take our innocence, our passion and causes us to feel inferior. But that’s when we “Remember” who we are. We are children of God, OVERCOMERS,  we carry his DNA,  the DNA of a champ, not a chump or a chimp, but a Champion! And though we mess up , God  doesn’t throw us away when we commit to Him.

This world will knock us down , but that doesn’t decrease our value in God’s eyes. Remember that prodigal son? the father ran to meet his lost son when he came back home. Jesus used that illustration to describe the Father’s love for us.

The devil wants us to believe that your scars are who you are, but you are not your scars, you are a child of the king, so never believe the lie, and never settle for less. Be and act like the  compassionate royal family you’re a part of.


On the Job with IDAC

Crane drops new unit on roof.

Crane drops a new HVAC unit on roof.

I feel a little like Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs except my job isn’t that dirty, it’s just sweaty in this 100 + degree  weather! That’s right, I’m in good old Tucson Arizona filming and documenting one of the hottest (or coolest) names in  HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning ). It was 106 degrees today and yesterday felt just as hot. To make things BETTER we were on an aluminum roof!

We had to be very careful  on the metal roofs because it was slippery  when walking up to the unit. The coolest part  of this job, besides getting paid, was the crane. I wasn’t sure if it was going to make it because the house had a huge wall  blocking it from  the roof. But sure enough, it got through and cut through the air like a swan.

I’m excited to be working on the 30 other videos we have lined up. It’s a mixture of promos, training videos, educational videos, and so on.  I’ve been trying out new methods with green screen since the owner wants to incorporate some pretty savvy effects.  It’s a challenge, but a challenge I can appreciate.

If you’re in need of a new HVAC system be sure to check out: http://www.idesignac.com/


S Apostrophe MORE!

Update 7/11/14/

Please continue to vote once a day till the 18th, winner announced on the 21st! Vote once a day at http://dqsmoresvideocontest.com/dq


Update! 7/7/2014

My video made the finals! Now it’s up to the public vote. Go to the following link, and click the “like” button under my video ( the third one) http://dqsmoresvideocontest.com/dq

Check it out on the DQ website: http://dqsmoresvideocontest.com/contests/showentry/1701120

Produced by Michael “microphone” Jones.

SmoresGoodnesswithMik SmoresGoodnesswithMikHanging at DQ  with friends singing my version of the S’mores song. This music video is an entry for the S’mores music video contest which ends June 30th. judges will select 3 finalists on or about July 3, 2014, and verified finalists will be announced on www.smoresong.com on or about July 7, 2014.  From there, a  public voting  will happen from July 7, 2014, and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on July 18, 2014 , and  Final winners will be announced on July 28th.

You can vote at: www.smoresong.com. You can vote only once a day, please don’t vote for me more than once a day, I don’t want to be associated with cheaters, thank you.

If I win, I’ll finally be able to get a car that doesn’t have so many mechanical problems, and blows cold air - PTL! Yes, yes.. I was suppose to be getting a new one two years ago, but my parents talked me out of it – not blaming them, just this time I’m going to make the right choice, and not try to rebuild a car!!!! Also donating a thousand (or more) to BreakDown Tucson! They are like family, and are making a positive change in our culture through  music, dance and drama! Anyway, if you’ve been wondering what I said in this song, here are the….


Verse 1
S apostrophe MORE/ A smores for you and a smores for me
S apostrophe MORE / Smoosh it all together, that’s the key

Verse 2
Feeling kind of hot in this sunny weather, call up my friends and let’s get together, head to DQ to find a cool creamy treasure /
with the S’mores blizzard treat to give my taste bud’s some pleasure/
I can’t resist /no/ I can’t say never/ with the golden, graham crackers, marshmallows mixed together.

and don’t forget the chocolate, I cant forget the chocolate

Verse 3
S apostrophe MORE/ grab a red spoon most definitely
S apostrophe MORE / get yours now at dairy queen

What you waiting on?

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Audio Production:

  1. Sonar X1 ( yes I’m still on that)
  2. Reason 6


1. Canon T4i
2. Sigma Lens
3. Premiere CS5
4. After Effects CS5
5. Primatte Keyer
6. Misfire Plugins
7. Light Leaks.

Too Many hours of editing.


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Right now I’m working on a DQ contest. We shot last Sunday, and plan to shoot again Saturday and Sunday . If you like to be an extra in the video then please email me by filling out the form below. I need a diverse amount of people ! The Grand Prize winner gets $10,000, and I will donate $1000 to  Breakdown if I win.  Join now by filling out the form below, and I’ll send you the rest of the details pronto!


As of Saturday 28th, 2014th participation in this video is now closed. Video has been completed!